Honeywell Universal Heat Pump Defrost Control
Honeywell Universal Heat Pump Defrost Control
Item # DB7110U1000

Universal Defrost Control for Single Stage On/Off Heat Pumps. It provides control of the outdoor equipment; compressor contactor, reversing valve, and outdoor fan in response to thermostat requests and air and coil temperatures. It also controls the indoor auxiliary heat source that is used during defrost operations and often as a second stage of heat. A defrost cycle is triggered based on outdoor air and outdoor coil temperatures that are measured using included temperature sensors.

Features and Benefits
  • Universal defrost control for single stage heat pumps
  • LED display for easy setup and configuration
  • Small, square footprint for easier installation
  • Demand and timed defrost modes
  • System status and fault indication
  • Selectable reversing delay to limit noise
  • Fault history for easy troubleshooting
Product Specifications
  Electrical Ratings
Input Voltage 24VAC, 60Hz
Max. Input Current 200mA
Compressor Contactor 1A @ 24VAC
Outdoor Fan 1/2 HP Motor, 5A full load, 30A locked rotor, 240VAC
Aux Heat 1A @ 24VAC
Reversing Valve

1A @ 24VAC

  Environmental Ratings
Operating Temperature Range -40°F to 150°F
Humidity Limits less than 95%(non-condensing)


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