Diversitech CVENT, Concentric Vents
This product comes in different variations.

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Diversitech CVENT, Concentric Vents
  CVENT-2 - DiversiTech CVENT-2 Vent Concentric 2in  
  CVENT-3 - Vents, Concentric, 3 in  
  CVENT-4 - Vents, Concentric, 4in  

Concentric vents make it easier to have a two-pipe installation for high efficiency furnaces. These vents simplify installation and only require one hole through the wall or roof where the pipes terminate. Without using these vents, the installation would require cutting two holes through the home, one for each pipe. These vents save time and money by reducing the amount of work required. Available in 2in, 3in or 4in intake vent sizes.


  • Low Profile
    • The low profile of the CVENT series product creates a neat look for the vent connection. The simple and clean looking vent hides both the intake and exhaust pipework.
  • Point of Sale Packaging
    • With its unique package, DiversiTech takes a simple product, and helps it sell itself. Clear, concise installation drawings, and size information are printed directly on the box, making it self-merchandisable in a distributor branch.
  • All Fittings Included
    • DiversiTech's CVENT series concentric vent kit includes all fittings a contractor will need to install the vent. No additional fittings for outside connections are needed. Only piping from the vent kit to the furnace will need to be provided separately.
  • Flexible Installation
    • The same CVENT series vent kit can be used in either a horizontal (through the wall) or vertical (through the roof) installation.

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