Is your school making the grade?

Distech Controls offers a completely integrated building management system that is core to your K-12 school's comfort requirements and sustainability strategies. Our Web-based platform provides a unified campus-wide solution, integrating HVAC, Lighting, Access Control, CCTV and Energy Management solutions.

Distech Controls’ building management system allows you to lower energy and operational budgets and reduce the lifecycle cost of your buildings, all while creating a comfortable, healthy and productive academic environment for your students, faculty, administrators and support staff. Click here to download the K-12 brochure.

Read a case study done at Plainfield High School.

EC-NetAX Web-based multi-protocol building management solution provides the power to do more, with cost-effective and scalable integration of all your control, monitoring and operational needs.



With a wide array of HVAC control products for both LONWORKS® and BACnet®, Distech Controls offers a cost-efficient solution for all your new or retrofit project needs.




EC-NetAX EnerVue, graphics-oriented, Web-based energy management dashboard application allows you to identify and optimize resource efficiencies and sustainability, while a kiosk view lets you demonstrate your efforts to students, parents, faculty and administrators alike.



For more information or to develop a custom solution for your facility, contact us at 888.652.9663.


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